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Venice Design Week - Scala Contarini Museum (San Marco 4303) dal 6 al 14 ottobre.

Frank&Frank, born by the experiences of Roberto De Gregorio and Marcella Molinini (graphic designer and fashion designer). The works of this parters show a mix of their different skills connected by an adventure that led them to explore city maps. Always curious and passionate they develop this project to transforming cartography into artworks, to reinterpret city maps in a urban key and opening new perspectives to see the places where we live.
Saturday October 13th, 2pm, will be possible meet the Frank&Frank’s designers at the Scala Contarini’s Bookshop
F&F city maps are reinterpreted incising the leather with laser; each city is a geometric work which allow a meeting between daily life and art. They are manually signed (hot stamp with terrestrial coordinates) with experience and passion, to make each numbered piece, unique and unrepeatable. All leathers have own history and a beauty to show, they are carefully recovered from different parts of the world.

Patatissima Milano 6-10 giugno 2018

SkinCities reinterprets the rules of cartography by re-reading urban patterns; the cities’ maps tell our culture and history, as witnesses of what we are.
The project wants to restore equal dignity to the places of the Earth, provocatively combining the places where we live in, as wells as those we have dreamed of, hated, or even forgotten... each of them in its precious and desperate diversity.
 Cultures, labyrinths and different spaces where the “skin colour” on which they are laser cut becomes just a pleasant opportunity. The leather used has very different origins, sometimes chosen for some “imperfections”, thus enhancing the beauty of diversity, respecting the life they have been, just like the places they represent. Engraved with laser technologies and manually initialed with the land coordinates.
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                 "art & photo fair" Milano Via Bergognone 24
Patatissima Torino 1-5 novembre 2017

Il Progetto La città reale, la città ideale
It interprets the different temporalities and the dynamic that involves the city in his renew itself and open new geometries.
The map itself is the starting point for generate a new relationship between city and design.
The urban territory, as an envelope rich in vital forces and style generator, where the rules of cartography are reinterpreted.
The metropolises captured on unusual surfaces: let's get ready to have a different and fascinating idea of the cities.

F&F design objects, are urban creatures, art in movement to see beyond conventional perspectives; laser cut streets and quarters collection. City maps reinterpreted and laser engraved on leather; the megacity seen as a geometric artwork where daily life and art meet. Immersed inside labyrinthine cities that seem to capture ourselves. In reality they tell us of our past and present us shapes and motifs to discover.
Via Castelgomberto, 99 10137 TORINO - Italy - Planet Earth

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