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Rubber bags

The bags of F&F are made with former industrial material,
sheets of rubber used by print shops. These sheets have turned millions of times in printing machines before being recovered and hand cleaned, given a new lease of life through the work of skilled hands.

Rubber ia an unexpected material, tough and powerful,
part of the our cities uban sources.
Robust and trustworthy bags created and transformed into something that continues to be usefull, alive and part of the ambient culture of the megacity.


Fashion Design
bber bags

Accessories, clothing, belts and head scarfs created by using reinterpreted city maps.

We are dressed in the city. Art in movement to see beyond conventional perspectives;
laser cut streets and quarters collection.


Home Design
bber bags

Maps tranformed into design objects, the megacity seen as a geometric artwork where daily life and art meet.
Immersed inside labyrinthine
cities that seem to capture ourselves. In reality they tell us of our past and present us shapes and motifs to discover.

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